One bean and Happy Dinner Time

At a friend’s Easter dinner  the children were fed first and Joan, with the dish of beans, carefully picked out one perfect bean and put it on each child’s plate, saying: “One bean. You can have only one bean. But there’s more if you want it.”
My first children faced dinner in the common child nightmare way. Too much food on the plate, demands that they sit there until it’s finished or forcing them to eat it the next day. Then I ended it. Ended what probably was hundreds of generations of that rule. Children’s stomachs are as big as their fist and one bean or 6 peas are enough.
So, goodbye to dinner stress. Dinner is a time to laugh and play with each other. Children will eat and over the long term, they will eat what their bodies need.

Flying With Babies

Babies cry on long flights for various reasons:

  • Ears hurt on take-off and landing.  This is fixed by making the baby swallow so give him a pacifier.  Give older children gum to chew.
  • For everything else, put the very special PACIFE Music to Calm on your iPod, attach a good little speaker to it and play it for him.  The best speaker I’ve found, after trying everything out there, is the Gigaware from          Radio Shack.