Vacation. Leave the Children at Home Trick

A friend with six young children invented this.  Leave the children at home, it it’s a large gang of them maybe leave them with two adults.  Children younger than maybe 7 would not remember the vacation anyway.

Then, have a vacation in your own city.  Experience your city as a tourist.  No quick stolen minutes together.  A lavish block of time, leisurely time to refresh yourselves and reduce stress.

This leaves you 20 minutes away in case of emergency and gives peace of mind and an intimate several day vacation together.

What My Children Taught Me

For three hours durig the night there was no-one in NICU but the babies and nurses so we would talk around the room, as women do.

One night someone asked me what my children have taught me.

The answer flooded into my head:

  • Josh taught me the joy of introducing the world to a brilliant mind.
  • Jessica taught me to laugh.
  • Rachel gives me elegant friends, adventures and memories.
  • … and Elan taught me that love is quiet.

Namaste my children, namaste.  The spirit that is me bows to the spirit that is you.

… and I put an ax through the television.

In this era of the human species males attack, damage and kill  females and children, antithetical  to the reptilian brain’s drive to preserve and continue the race.  Rare and tribal in the wild, species engaging in this behavior risk extinction.

In the 1940s and 50s, it probably happened but it was part of a thing society found so outrageous, so terrible that it became ‘unspeakable’.

No longer.  Now it’s the core of news, a lament-without-rant if you will.  There is no outraged inflection or angry concerned facial expression with this news, much of it is delivered by women, often with a smile as she says the words.

Not only news but also ENTERTAINMENT.  Bloody gore inflicted on women on prime time TV, full color, close-ups to entertain us. In some series the victim is always female.  There is no democracy.  If you were to suggest a story to producers in which a woman kills and mutilates a man they’d look at you in confusion.

The question is why do women allow this.  Why are good men not rising up in arms against it.  Who do producers think their market is?

These shows are pandering to the most depraved and sick, give permission to make woman as victim and teach our children.

  • A STORY:  I put the TV on the floor of a closet and my children sat on the floor watching it.  Then I put it in the scariest corner of the basement where there were spiders and my children sat, hugging each other, watching it. Then I brought it back upstairs and removed the antenna and came home from work and found that they took the curtain down, neatly folded it, and fashioned an antenna with the curtain rod.  So I took the on-off knob off and carried it to work and became famous.  They turned it on with a pliers.  One morning, after a night in the Burn  ICU  with a man who’s car went off a cliff and burst into flames, I came home to chairs angled around the TV, pillows in the chairs and bowels with remains of popcorn on the floor.  I thought that my children were watching this as entertainment and there was no way I could explain reality to them so I unplugged the TV, called them all into the room before school, said:  “This machine is ruining the quality of our lives together.”  and put an ax through the screen.  Four very astonished children left for school and I went to bed.  When they came home, they were cheerful and as usual to me and I said I thought they’d be angry at me and one of them said:  “We’re so glad you did that.”  After about a week of being at loose-ends, they began painting, putting on wonderful plays, and I bought a pool table for the living room.  Life was good.  Life was great.

Spoiled Rotten

You will never harm a child by being nice to him or by loving him.

Can one spoil a child?  No.  Only tell a child that he’s spoiled rotten as a precious endearment and with love twinkling in your eyes,.  Spoiled means no-good, defeated, garbage.  You cannot  spoil a child, but you can ruin him.

Probably what’s meant  by spoiled is ‘overindulge a child’ and this is always a risk with the first child.  Everything is given to her, gift wrapped, formally handed to her with smiles and some ceremony.  By the fourth child, there are no more gifts, everything is just there on the floor, used and broken with no ownership.  The first child learns to equate love with things, too much is centered on her and she becomes miserly, self involved and therefore unhappy.  The child given nothing is home free in a sense… without expectation she  is not encumbered with ‘shoulds’. Gifts are unexpected nice events but she is on the way to making her own way, forging through life with goals to get what she wants, not waiting for it to be given to her.

This scenario illustrates lifelong entrenched behavior because of birth order. There’s a wonderful book, a must read, The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Leman . And we all think we are unique!  This book is so on the mark that you can guess the birth order of others.

It’s Easy to Get Rid of the Pacifier

It’s easier to stop the pacifier than the thumb.  Much easier and for that reason, the pacifier is a godsend.  It should be gone well before the child is 3 because by that time continued sucking on it will determine the shape of his teeth.  Pacifiers prevent the top front teeth from growing down and therefore the side teeth will be longer, giving a Dracula shape.  Watch for the very first signs of this.  It may be before age three.

One day, sit your child down and line up all his pacifiers.  Tell him that ‘It’s a rule’, When a boy is 3 he doesn’t get any more pacifiers so when the last one is lost, he will become a ‘big kid’ and no longer use pacifiers.  Then remind him of older children he knows who he never sees with a pacifier.

Then when you see a pacifier under a piece of furniture or left outside, snatch it up and hide it until the last one is gone.  (I hid them in their dad’s sock drawer.)  Then help your child search for it.

After three days, put the pacifier in the cushion of the sofa or a chair and find it with a flourish.  Give it back to the child.  he’ll put it in his mouth, suck a few times, make a face, throw it down and never look back.  It’s finished.

With the thumb sucker…  we had to promise her a bike when she was 5.

Calm Frantic Dogs on 4th of July

The music of PACIFE was constructed to calm babies and families began playing it for their dogs who where terrified by the fireworks during the 4th of July.

Is your dog a nervous wreck?   Download it now from iTunes or Amazon, put in into an iPod or on CD, put the dogs in a darkened room, play it for them and watch.

Then run to the phone and tell all your friends.

PACIFE also calms horses in the barn and on the road.

…  and it will quiet children, babies and you.