Change Something You Do

When you have a kind of behavior that’s annoying and you want to be rid of, go into a quiet place and interview yourself using a kind of Gestalt Therapy.  What you learn will knock your socks off.  Ask yourself a question, for example:  “Why is everything a struggle for me?”  The first answer that pops into your head is the correct one and probably not what you’d ever expect:  “Because ‘too easy’ is no fun.”

Whoa!!! where did that come from?  Then you can change it.  Make ‘too easy’ the fun and the struggle not fun.  Use an affirmation:  “Everything comes easily for me and is joyous fun.  My life is running smooth as silk.”   See ‘Write an Affirmation’ in the Positive Thinking category in the sidebar.

Then do something nice for yourself whenever things are going well and love yourself.