Dear Corporate America. I can pay for all health care but you aren’t going to like it.

Tax every risky behavior call it:   The Clean Up the Mess Tax. (a 1 cent per ounce tax on sweetners in soft drinks would get 14.9 BILLION DOLLARS in the first year.)

The mess is not caused by sugar, it’s high fructose corn syrup which causes the liver to make triglycerides as if you had just eaten pork fat.

That is just in soft drinks. Yoplait has nearly 30 grams of sugar in every little container. That is SIX TEASPOONS of sugar. 5 grams of anything equals 1 teaspoon. Taxing sweetners alone can pay for health care.

Then tax cigarettes, alcohol, guns, Palm oil used in foods, waxed produce (waxed because  it’s picked green, washed with gasoline to flash the color, waxed as a rat repellant and put into long term storage. The 6 waxes include car polish, shoe polish, gasoline, petroleum, shellac, varnish and more. All of this is carcinogenic, especially bladder cancers.

Look at the very small, faint print on the end of the cardboard carton they are unloading vegetables and fruits from at the grocery.

Some ‘organic’  food is waxed also with Shelac, a form of varnish.